Product Spotlight — Class 5 Lube Bodies

April 25, 2017

Sage Oil Vac builds a number of different configurations for the class 5 work truck (F550 and Ram® 5500). These lube bodies are great to replace a large expensive fuel and lube truck without the requirement of a CDL license. The 5AB-6100 lube body configuration is popular for rental companies who don’t have the need to transport diesel to equipment, but are completing oil changes and oil top offs at their customers’ locations. These bodies provide good oil capacities because there isn’t the additional need to carry fuel.

A class 5 body is more economical in price than a class 7 or 8, because there aren’t any engine driven hydraulics or air compressor. A stand-alone air compressor means the body can be built out without doing too much to the chassis thus saving cost. Prices on these configurations differ depending on oil capacities and other features such as open or fully enclosed.