New Product Line Brings Improved Convenience

September 30, 2016

Image of Sage Oil Vac 2S Series lube skidAs if Sage Oil Vac didn’t already make job sites a whole lot easier with their current products, Sage is back at it again with another line of helpful and space-saving equipment. The 2S Series Lube Skids, launched in May 2016, provides a leaner and lighter body to make adding it to your truck bed easy and affordable. With centralized control panels, this series improves functionality by eliminating the need to get in the bed of a truck to operate the system.

“We’re going to start out with four or five different base models,” explained Aaron Sage. “They will combine all of the signature no-pump Sage Oil Vac elements that our customers enjoy with a few extras.”

With just the touch of a few buttons, operators can vacuum-fill fresh fluids into tanks. The LED display fluid sensors featured within the control panel also replaces the visual guesswork of the fluid levels. Other features include: 50-foot hose reels, a vacuum generator for vacuum assist, a forklift-able skid-mounted frame (when empty) and more.