Operation Tip – Air Compressor Run Time

September 30, 2016

Sage Oil Vac air compressor gauges comparing runtime efficienciesEnergy efficiency is important on a job site for several reasons but a favorite reason among operators is the cost savings it can bring to the table. Running a conventional air compressor is one of the pieces of equipment that can sky rocket energy bills. This is why the professionals at Sage Oil Vac recommend utilizing the advantages of the Sage Oil Vac system and its ability to conserve air by creating and maintaining vacuum pressure as opposed to conventional air pump systems which require constant air volume from an air compressor to run diaphragm pumps and air piston pumps.

When using Sage systems, once you have desired air pressure to dispense new oils, the compressor can be turned off. The Sage professionals advise operators to turn off machines once 20 inches of air pressure are captured within the system. Using this advice ensures that the Sage Oil Vac systems reduce air consumption by up to 70 percent over conventional systems resulting in a more energy efficient model. This practice also reduces the amount of wear and tear on each machine. Additionally, Sage product operators and mechanics often comment that the reduced noise of the Oil Vac system prevents fatigue during the work day.