Sage Oil Vac Featured in Service Truck Magazine

August 11, 2015

Sage Oil Vac has been featured in a Service Truck Magazine featuring lube skids.

Lube skids can be the perfect solution for someone who is needing a way to maintain their equipment fluid levels out in the field but do not need a lube trailer or a lube truck. Lube skids allow you to keep everything flowing without having to worry about the costs of equipment or labor downtime. Sage Oil Vac’s unique product design allows you to control all of the tanks and maintain the fluid levels in the tanks from one centralized location on the side of your truck without having to worry about climbing in the bed of your truck.

Lube skids can come in a variety of packages, all customizable depending on your jobsite and what your specific needs are. Sage Oil Vac is able to build a lube skid that will meet all of your needs and immediately begin reducing your downtime and increasing your cost savings from having a way to maintain your equipment out in the field. Contact Sage Oil Vac today to get your lube skid customized and built today.