Winter Must-Have: The 7C8F-3 Enclosed PM Trailer

December 13, 2016


7C8F-3 Enclosed PM Trailer

Sage Oil Vac built the 7C8F-3 Enclosed PM Trailer with harsher working environments in mind. All equipment is mounted in an enclosed trailer for protection from weather and rough road conditions. The outer shell provides plenty of space for custom decals and advertising for your business. There’s also an increased storage capacity in comparison to other models!

These enclosed units offer the following capabilities:

  • Ability to heat product tanks and keep heat stored inside enclosure.Shielding the equipment out of the elements.
  • Shielding the equipment out of the elements.Professional concealed look, no oil equipment pumps and dirty hose reels.
  • Professional concealed look, no oil equipment pumps, and dirty hose reels.
  • This unit replaces the forever carting of drums to and from peak power and standby power generators.