This class 7 lube body chassis has a 1,000-gallon fuel and lube capacity available in a variety of tank combinations. All oil tanks utilize the Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system. This body includes a slide out used filter receptacle, stowable 17-gallon drain pan and a fluid control panel to monitor fluid levels, bulk vacuum filling and fluid control.
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The 2H48-5210 is the “Little Brother” of the 2H49-5100. This Heritage skid is the perfect lube equipment for trucks. This professional lube equipment unit has the second largest fluid capacity in the Heritage family; it can hold a total of 240 gallons of oil in four separate product tanks. The Heritage skid design features built-in forklift-friendly transport and has plenty of capabiltiy for large fleet services.


  • (1) 120 gallon (450 l) ASME tank used oil
  • (3) 60 gallon (227 l) ASME tank fresh oil & fluid
  • (1) 60 gallon (227 l) ASME EPOXY tank- fresh coolant/antifreeze


  • Additional Air Source Required
  • Vacuum Generator for Vacuum Assist


  • (1) 1 in x 50 ft (2.54 cm x 15.2 m) used oil on spring retractable reel
  • (3) 3/4 in x 50 ft (1.905 cm x 15.2 m) fresh oil hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 5/8 in x 50 ft (1.5875 cm x 15.2 m) fresh coolant/antifreeze hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 3/8 in x 50 ft (0.9525 cm x 15.2 m) air hose on spring retractable reel


  • Patented vacuum process to load fresh fluid tanks (Barrel Straws priced separately- specify quantity and length)
  • Patented Used Filter Receptacle
  • Patented Filter Stinger
  • 25 micron filters on all new oil reels
  • Y-Strainer on all new coolant reels


  • Used oil hose – 1 in (2.54 cm) cam and groove fitting
  • Fresh fluid hoses – 1/2 in (1.27 cm) flush face quick disconnects, adaptable to meters (Priced separately, specify quantity and type)


  • Skid Mounted
  • Table top frame design
  • Forklift-able (empty only)


  • Width: 50 in (1.27 m)
  • Length: 100.38 in (2.55 m)
  • Height: 62.5 in (1.59)
  • Empty Weight: 2248 lb (1019 kg)
  • Normal Max Operating Weight: 4150 lb (1882 kg)

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