Lube Carts

Lube Carts

Clean up your shop with the addition of a Sage Oil Vac lube cart. Eliminate the need for centralized building lube systems that are expensive and have extensive upkeep. With four different lube cart series to choose from, it will be easy to find the perfect fit for your maintenance operation. Each model offers capabilities to evacuate used oils and complete full fluid exchanges. Tank quantities range from 20-120 gallons and are built with heavy duty casters for easy rolling on concrete. Filter and reuse maintenance fluids with a recycler cart or bring fresh maintenance fluids to equipment with delivery carts — there’s a lube cart for everyone.

  • Recycler Lube Carts

    Antifreeze and hydraulic fluids are a high cost item in any maintenance program. Recycler lube cart

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  • Exchange Lube Carts

    Wheel everything you need for a complete fluid exchange right to the equipment with the exchange lub

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  • Evacuation Lube Carts

    Evacuation lube carts reduce the mess in your shop with Sage Oil Vac's signature vacuum fluid exchan

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  • Delivery Lube Carts

    The delivery lube cart series is very similar to the evacuation and recycler lube carts, but with t

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