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Sage Oil Vac’s pump-free design and accessories are the better fluid exchange system. Our equipment is: fast, safe, clean, economical and versatile
There are headaches that can become bigger and more costly issues, but they didn’t because we had the Sage system. It saved us a lot of time and we were able to get equipment back up and running and on to the next customer.
Jarrod Heath, Crown Rental
I believe equipping our service trucks with best-in-class equipment like Sage Oil Vac lube systems has helped us retain our service technicians and hire more qualified individuals.
Chris Britt, Mobile Equipment Service Options (M.E.S.O.)
I plan to use my [lube] trailer until I retire. But if my workload increases, I won’t think twice about purchasing another one.
Alex Hochstein, Amarillo Industrial Mobile Maintenance (AIMM)


This class 7 standard model 7120P Fuel/Lube Open Truck Bed chassis has a 1,000-gallon fuel and lube capacity available in a variety of tank combinations.


The 360 Heritage Lube Skid from Sage Oil Vac has a patented vacuum process, used filter receptacle & filter stinger.


The 30N Lube Delivery Cart works well in a workshop that frequently needs to distribute new oil to equipment. This model is simple to use and easy to maintain with Sage’s compressed air system. Users choose this cart for its clean exchanges and its added ability to hold fresh maintenance fluids.

6 reasons to consider a Class 6 service truck

When you think of lube trucks, you probably picture a large Class 7 or Class 8 tandem-axle truck. They’ve long been the norm on jobsites around the country. With GVWRs up to 33,000 pounds (Class 7) and 33,001+ pounds (Class 8), these truck styles can include fuel and lube combinations — as well as high-capacity […]

Sage Oil Vac class 5 lube truck on a jobsite


Sage Oil Vac has worked for more than 20 years to give customers the capability to economically manage new and used oil on the jobsite. Our professional mobile lube equipment was created to not only keep you clean on the job, but to improve your productivity entirely.

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Sage Oil Vac offers a variety of mobile lube equipment products to better economically manage new and used oil on any jobsite. Find the parts and accessories you need for your lube truck, lube trailer or lube skid.

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Sage Oil Vac vs. The Competition
Sage Oil Vac vs. The Competition
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