Sage Advantage – What Sets Sage Oil Vac Apart from Competitors


The Better Fluid Exchange System — Sage Oil Vac’s Pump-Free Design and Accessories

  • Uses compressed air to build vacuum pressure to move fluids to and from tanks.
  • Fresh oils and fluids can be vacuumed at a rate of up to 10-15 gallons per minute (gpm).
  • Filter stingers puncture and vacuum oil from filters.
  • Used filters can be put in a Sage-designed filter receptacle for an easy and clean solution.

Why Use Sage Oil Vac?

  1. Fast
    Slower pump methods are a thing of the past — a Sage system can vacuum fill products at up to 20 gpm. Vacuum hot motor oil from equipment at up to 6-8 gpm.
  2. Safe
    Our enclosed, no-pump system protects the operator and the environment as tanks are not vented to the atmosphere.
  3. Clean
    Clean, sealed tanks means less contaminates are introduced into fresh fluids (and less spillage on the job).
  4. Economical
    No pumps means fewer maintenance problems for a lower cost of ownership.
  5. Versatile
    Why buy equipment that’s just “good enough” when Sage Oil Vac can customize lube systems to meet your operation’s needs? Change with Sage to increase productivity at every jobsite.

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