Lube Skids

Lube Skids

Sage Oil Vac lube skids deliver a new level of versatility to mobile service and maintenance providers. They are designed to fit a wide array of service vehicles. These vehicle options include pickups, crane trucks, van bodies and mechanic trucks. But there’s one thing in common among every Sage Oil Vac lube skid. Each low-maintenance system delivers Sage’s industry-leading, top-of-the-line fluid exchange capabilities and pump-free design at an economical price.

If mobility and ease of transport are more important to you than large fluid capacities, a lube skid is a great option. They deliver service to machines in the field like light towers, generators and truck fleets. Each Sage Oil Vac lube skid features forklift pockets and mounting holes. This makes them customizable to a wide range of service vehicles. Customers can use the skids’ compressor power or easily adapt to air compressors on your service truck.

Once you add a Sage Oil Vac lube skid to your service vehicle, get used to it. These systems have a 10-year or longer product lifespan. Explore the full lineup of lube skids below. Find the one that will work best in your fleet and make your life a lot easier.

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