A Timeline of Innovation

1993 – Gary Sage, company founder, invented the first oil vac system.

Gary created the first oil vac system on the family farm so he could change the oil in his irrigation engine without spilling oil on himself or the ground. After putting his new invention to use, a lightbulb went off. This new lube exchange system was not only cleaner, it was faster!

Through the rest of the 1990s, Gary manufactured more oil vac systems for other farmers in the Midwest. Word spread and the demand continued to rise.

2001 – Gary decided to pursue his Sage Oil Vac dream full time.

The oil vac system had made its way into a number of industries — including oil and gas field service and maintenance for heavy-equipment fleets, generators, rental-fleet companies and more. By 2001, Gary knew it was time to take the plunge and open up shop full time. He opened the Sage Oil Vac headquarters in Amarillo, Texas, and began to manufacture mobile lube equipment.

2004 – Sage Oil Vac secured a business partnership with the U.S. Army Reserve.

With a new partnership established to build custom systems for the U.S. Army Reserve, Sage Oil Vac doubled in size. To accommodate the rapid growth, the company built an additional 24,000-square-foot facility.

2007 – The first wind gearbox oil exchange (GOEX) system was created.

Sage Oil Vac developed the wind GOEX system in 2007 and forever transformed the way oil is changed in the wind turbine industry. This unique invention created a new niche market for the company. In the years that followed, Sage Oil Vac gained an international machine distributor in Australia and an international dealer in the European wind market.

2012 – A year of recognition.

In 2012, Sage Oil Vac was awarded the Top Small Business of the Year Award by the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and the President’s “E” Award for growth in exports.

2016 – Gary Sage retires; Gary’s son, Aaron Sage, takes over as CEO.

After more than 20 years as CEO, Gary Sage retired. His legacy continued with Aaron Sage, his son, leading the charge as his successor and CEO. The company continued to grow, reaching a milestone of 30 dealers across the United States.

2021 – Sage Oil Vac acquired Willborn Brothers tanks.

Sage Oil Vac acquired multiple Willborn Brothers Tanks product lines, which were rebranded as Amarillo Tanks.

2023 – Sage Oil Vac reaches 30 years in business.

Three decades after Gary Sage built the first oil vac system for his farm, Sage Oil Vac celebrated 30 years of growth and innovation. What started as a one-man project grew to a team of more than 60 employees. By 2023, Sage Oil Vac equipment was helping crews complete cleaner, safer and faster fluid exchanges across the country — and the world.

Sage Oil Vac is still a family-operated business with 30+ dealers. We’re just as committed to bringing efficiency and environmental responsibility to consumers through the use of our mobile lube equipment as we were in 1993. Those that choose to ‘change with Sage,’ do so because of the guaranteed quality equipment and unbeatable customer service.
Aaron Sage, CEO, Sage Oil Vac

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