LubeBuilder™ System

Finding the right lube skid model for a work truck can be a struggle — especially when you have specific needs. You’re often forced to settle for small tank capacities that limit your capabilities, subpar quality and mismatched fluid exchange components. Sage Oil Vac has the solution with our revolutionary LubeBuilder™ system, featuring our patented no-pump lube exchange technology. We’re serious — we are the only OEM doing this in the marketspace.


As a completely customizable, à la carte kit for virtually any dedicated lube vehicle, the LubeBuilder system cuts costs by allowing you to select only the things you really want and need for a more economic upfit. Choose everything from the number of tanks to tank storage capacities, placement of tanks and more. This product works great for crane trucks, mechanics bodies, van bodies, enclosed bodies or even stationary shop setups.

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Do you want customization?Regular lube skids have limited customization. Sage Oil Vac (and competitors) have several lube skid models and dimensions available, but these products are harder to customize.The sky is the limit with the LubeBuilder system. You decide every element involved, from tanks and reels to the overall layout preferences.
Do you need to be able to move your system?Easy — all you need is a forklift.Transfer options are limited. Once a LubeBuilder kit is installed, it is likely staying with the vehicle.
Does the footprint matter?Most lube skids are bolted within an unchanging static frame (e.g., 4 ft x 6 ft).With LubeBuilder’s customizable footprint, the components of the upfit can be placed throughout the platform in ideal positions. For example, put tanks in one corner of the truck and the reels and control panels at ground level off the side of a truck for easy access. It’s all up to you.
Do you need a shorter lead time?Regular lube skids require component assembly and welding, increasing the lead time by several weeks.Because the system does not come pre-assembled, getting you the components, parts and tools shortens the lead time. Estimated 2-4 weeks for arrival after order design and completion.
  • All the benefits of Sage Oil Vac’s patented no-pump vacuum technology
  • 1-on-1 design consultation and advice from Sage Oil Vac specialists
  • 300+ possible configurations to fit any lube upfit application
  • Optimum bed use with spatial flexibility
  • Fluid control panel to monitor product flow and fluid levels
  • Modular layout for simple assembly
  • LED fluid level indicators for each tank on the control panel (optional)
  • Add-on kits for future expansions (optional)

  • Over 156 different configurations
  • 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 80-, 120-, 180-, 250-, 390-, 500- and 600-gallon tanks available
  • New or used oil tanks
  • Horizontal and vertical tank orientations
  • Immersion heaters and fluid level sensors (optional)
  • Epoxy-lined for coolant and other special fluids
  • Includes control panels that allow single-point access to control vacuum fills or bulk loads
  • Underbody boxes and side pack configurations
  • 25-, 35- and 50-ft hose lengths
  • 5/8-, 3/4- and 1-in diameter hoses

Use an existing compressed air source to run your LubeBuilder System or add a Sage Oil Vac air compressor configuration to your package.


LubeBuilder systems can include multiple Used Filter Receptacle (UFR) configurations. Choose your placement — side packs, against the inside wall in a mechanics truck or van body, you decide what is best for your applications.


Ordering is simple: You can work with a Sage Oil Vac specialist at your local Sage Oil Vac dealer, contact us directly via phone (877-OIL-VACS) or request a quote online. After the initial call or email, you’ll receive a follow-up from us with a price quote and weight estimate. At your request, Sage Oil Vac will also provide a custom CAD blueprint of your planned setup for installation.


Your LubeBuilder kit will arrive with everything you need to complete the installation yourself — tools, step-by-step instructions and every nut, bolt and screw. Sage Oil Vac even has an installation video to walk you through the process. Depending on your mechanical proficiency and system size, installation usually takes a few days to complete.

LubeBuilder System - Mobile Lube Equipment
LubeBuilder System - Mobile Lube Equipment

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