Lube Trucks and Lube Bodies

Lube Trucks and Lube Bodies

Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck Lube BodiesSage Oil Vac lube trucks and lube bodies are designed to help operators make the most efficient use of their time. The evolution of our lube truck and lube body products is directly tied to changes in the workforce and the many challenges of maintenance service providers around the country.


  • Fuel and lube body. Store large capacities of off-road diesel and oil. Use your truck as a primary fueler with the ability to top off oil and grease all in one vehicle.
  • Lube-only body. Store large capacities of maintenance oils. Complete 2,000-hour services in the field requiring large oil volumes.
  • Enclosed body. Conceal equipment and heat enclosure for increased performance. Bonus: This option leaves more room for branded marketing on the side of your truck.
  • Open body. Save money with an open body with side walls. This economical option also offers the ability to brand wall panels.


1. Patented no-pump Sage system. Diaphragm pumps have been the industry standard for decades, but this oil extraction method needs constant, high-volume compressed air while you’re operating. Sage uses no-pump vacuum technology to pull oil quickly and efficiently from equipment without any moving parts. No pumps with Sage means fewer maintenance problems and a lower cost of ownership.

2. Rounded steel tanks. Rectangular tanks are the norm for competitive products, but these tanks often develop rust spots in the seams and corners, causing leaks. Sage uses rounded, pressurized ASME tanks to reduce these wear risks. Most customers can run our equipment for 10+ years before needing major part replacements.

3. Bigger reels. The industry standard is 1/2 in. by 50 ft. fluid reels, but Sage uses 5/8 in. and 3/4 in. fluid delivery reels to increase flow rates.

4. Clean, sealed tanks. Spills are for rookies. Our fluid tanks are sealed during use. The enclosed, no-pump, non-vented system protects the operator and the environment, as tanks are not vented to the atmosphere. Many competitive products use vented tanks that can lead to contaminated oil due to dirt and rainwater exposure.

5. Your choice: PTO or standalone power. Most lube trucks on the market have PTO-driven hydraulics. We offer this same system on our lube trucks, but we also offer standalone power, which eliminates PTO power. This option uses a small diesel engine mounted on the body to run hydraulics for the fuel pump and the air compressor. That means fewer engine hours, less wear and tear, and reduced fuel consumption.

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