Barrel Straw


Vacuuming fluids into a tank could not be easier with the help of a barrel straw. This product is a Sage Oil Vac exclusive design and eliminates the need for transfer pumps during bulk oil storage or drum storage. Attach the barrel straw to the fresh fluid tank and insert the opposite end in a bulk tank to vacuum fresh fluids into the fluid tank at rates of 10-20 gallons per minute. The vacuum process is 100 percent self-contained within the straw to reduce the chance of any fluid spilling on the ground. Barrel straws also prevent the fluid’s exposure to outside contaminants in open pouring containers.


  • Attaches to each tank and can be left at the shop when not in use
  • Vacuum oil rates of 10-20 gallons per minute
  • No lifting of heavy buckets or jugs
  • Clean fluid transfer with less chance of spills
  • Less handling of new oil equals less chance of contamination

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