Used Filter Receptacle™

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This class 7 lube body chassis has a 1,000-gallon fuel and lube capacity available in a variety of tank combinations. All oil tanks utilize the Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system. This body includes a slide out used filter receptacle, stowable 17-gallon drain pan and a fluid control panel to monitor fluid levels, bulk vacuum filling and fluid control.

Forget contamination and spills when it’s time to change an equipment filter — the Used Filter Receptacle (UFR) provides a secure holding tank for used filters. The UFR connects to a used fluid tank so users can easily vacuum oil collected in the container providing a secure and leak-proof way to catch remaining fluid that may drain from the discarded filters. To better meet the needs of our customers’ unique install situations Sage offers several UFR configurations.



  • Wall-mounted UFRs
  • Top side pack mounted UFRs
  • Inside side pack cabinet mounted UFRs
  • Top open UFRs
  • Front door opening UFRs

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