5180 Open Lube Body

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This class 7 lube body chassis has a 1,000-gallon fuel and lube capacity available in a variety of tank combinations. All oil tanks utilize the Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system. This body includes a slide out used filter receptacle, stowable 17-gallon drain pan and a fluid control panel to monitor fluid levels, bulk vacuum filling and fluid control.

Sage Oil vac has launched a new Class 5/6 Lube Body perfect for PM’s on all types of equipment from dozers, excavators, to rental generators and fleets of equipment of any kind.

Five fresh product tanks can be configured for any fluids and include tank sizes of 180, 120, (2) 80, (2) 60 gallons.  System is designed with Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system that allows you to vacuum fill product tanks from a bulk fill panel on drivers side.  The new 5180 Open Lube Body is constructed of steel sub frame with aluminum cabinets and components to optimize weight savings.

Operators have the convenience of LED Fluid Level indicators and controls from the back of the cabinet where fluid reels are located.

This unit comes standard with Sage Oil Vac Filter Receptacle, with the ability to quickly vacuum into used oil tank with the turn of a valve, Filter Stinger for puncturing and vacuuming oil from oil filters and a 5 drawer mechanics drawer set for efficient technician tool storage.

55AB-6200 Class 5 Lube Truck


  • (1) 180 (681.374 L)gallon tank used oil
  • (1) 120 (454.25 L) gallon tank fresh oil & fluids
  • (2) 80 (302.833 L)gallon tank fresh oil & fluids
  • (2) 60 (22.125 L) gallon tank fresh oil & fluids


  • 35 CFM vacuum/compressor driven by 11 hp electric start gas engine


  • (1) 1 in x 50 ft (2.54 cm x 15.2 m) used oil hose on spring retractable reel
  • (3) 3/4 in x 50 ft (1.905 cm x 15.2 m) used oil hose on spring retractable reel – coolant
  • (2) 5/8 in x 50 ft (1.5875 cm x 15.2 m) fresh oil hose on spring retractable reel – coolant
  • (1) 1 in x 20 ft (2.54 cm x 6.096 m) used oil offload hose


  • Patented vacuum process to load fresh fluid tanks through Barrel Straw
  • Patented used Filter Receptacle
  • Patented Filter Stinger
  • Control panel
  • Remote new fluid and fluid level gauges
  • Storage cabinet with roll up door


  • Used oil hose – 1 in (2.54 cm) cam and groove fitting
  • Fresh fluid hoses – 1/2 in (1.27 cm) flush face quick disconnects
  • (1) Digital handheld meter (additional meters and handles must be purchased)


  • Custom truck bed built to fit on Class 5 and Class 6 chassis
  • Tool/filter storage – 5 boxes 60+ cu ft.


  • Overall length: 148 in (3.75 meters )
  • Overall width: 96 in (2.4 meters)
  • Overall height: 85 in (2.15 meters)
  • Shipping weight: 5,376 lb (2,438.5 kg)
  • Operational weight: 8,328 lb (3,777.5 kg)

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