Key Features:

  • (1) 1,000-gal (3,785.41-L) rounded fuel tank
  • (5) Product tanks
  • (1) 60-gal (227.13-L) stainless steel DEF tank
  • PTO-driven hydraulic power system


This Class 7 standard model 7120P Fuel/Lube Open Truck Bed chassis has a 1,000-gallon fuel and lube capacity available in a variety of tank combinations. All oil tanks utilize the Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system. This body includes individual control panels for ease of use in the reel cabinet, continuous LED fluid level monitors and a bulk fill station for fast fill of oil and coolant.


  • (1) Redesigned 1,000-gal (3,785.41-L) rounded fuel tank
  • (1) 120-gal (454.25-L) used oil/waste oil tank
  • (1) 120-gal (454.25-L) fresh oil and fluid tank
  • (3) 60-gal (227.13-L) fresh oil and fluid tanks
  • (1) 60-gal (227.13-L) fresh coolant/antifreeze tank
  • (1) 60-gal (227.13-L) stainless steel DEF tank
  • (1) 120-lb (54-kg) grease keg holder with 50:1 Alemite piston pump
New Enhancements
  • Guide wave fluid level sensors and display panels show percent full or gallons left in tank and include options for alarms for low fluid levels or overfilled fluid.
  • Pumpless DEF tank incorporates the exclusive Sage Oil Vac pressure and vacuum system to move the caustic fluid around without shelling pumps.
  • Includes a redesigned 1,000-gallon diesel tank, a 12-inch shorter tank, better structure, rounded corners, 3/16 inch and an extra 7 cubic feet of storage.
  • Features a shorter overall wheelbase. The 187-inch wheelbase is 12 inches shorter than previous models.
  • PTO-driven hydraulic system to run deck mounted 40-cfm (175-psi) reciprocating compressor
  • CV-30 vacuum generator for vacuum assist
  • Blackmer TX 1.5 pump for diesel fuel delivery
  • Coupled with dual filter filtration
  • Pumpless DEF tank
Hoses and reels
  • (1) 1-in x 50-ft (2.54-cm x 15.2-m) diesel delivery hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 1-in x 50-ft (2.54-cm x 15.2-m) used oil hose on spring retractable reel
  • (3) 3/4-in x 50-ft (1.905-cm x 15.2-m) fresh oil hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 5/8-in x 50-ft (1.59-cm x 15.2-m) fresh oil hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 5/8-in x 50-ft (1.59-cm x 15.2-m) fresh coolant/antifreeze hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 5/8-in x 50-ft (1.59-cm x 15.2-m) DEF hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 1/2-in x 50-ft (1.27-cm x 15.2-m) air hose on spring retractable reel
  • (1) 3/8-in x 50-ft (0.95-cm x 15.2-m) grease hose on spring retractable reel
  • 1-in x 20-ft (2.54-cm x 6.096-m) used oil offload hose (priced separately)
Sage Oil Vac Attributes
  • Patented vacuum process to load fresh fluid tanks (barrel straws priced separate — specify quantity and length)
  • Patented Used Filter Receptacle™ (UFR)
  • Patented Filter Stinger™
  • 10-micron filters on all fresh oil products
  • All tank and compressor controls are remoted to the truck’s reel cabinet
  • Curbside bulk fill station for rapid filling of new product to tanks
  • All tanks are fitted with a float and pressure gauge that is displayed on the remote panel, informing the user of vacuum/pressure levels captured in the tank as well as the fluid level.
Hose ends, meters, handles
  • (1) Used oil hose 1-in (2.54-cm) cam and groove fitting
  • Fresh fluid hoses 1/2-in (1.27-cm) flush face quick disconnects
  • (1) In-line fuel meter for diesel
  • (1) Diesel dispensing nozzle on diesel reels
  • (1) DEF dispensing nozzle on DEF reels
  • Meters plumbed to delivery side of all new fluid reels
  • Enclosed drop deck reel cabinet with dust-proof roll-up shutter style door
  • Cabinet to catch all liquid drained from the used filters and evacuates the fluid to the used product tank
    • Receptacle also serves as a meter tray
  • Enclosed toolboxes along the length of the bed where available
  • Manufactured bed skirts and underbed boxes where available
  • Driver-side access with slide out ladder
Dimensions and weights
  • Width: 101 in (2.56 m)
  • Length: 26.75 ft (8.46 m)
    • Length is calculated from the bumper of chassis to bumper of body. Slight variations may occur by chassis make and model.
  • Empty weight with chassis: approx. 20,732 lb (9403.88 kg)
  • Max operating weight: approx. 31,038 lb (14,078.6 kg)
  • (1) 50-in (1.27-m) LED light bar at rear included in pricing
  • Additional work lights on side and front corners of bed
  • Raptor-lined bed to reduce slick surfaces
  • Raptor-lined under bed boxes
  • Lighting provided in all storage boxes as well as reel cabinet
  • Rear back-up camera and back-up alarm included
  • Five-drawer tool storage box in reel cabinet
  • 128 ft3 of storage

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