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  • Servicing a Massive Equipment Fleet in the Oil and Gas Fields of Texas and New Mexico

    Texas and New Mexico’s oil and gas energy industry rely on generators to power a large bulk of its operations. Generators are used for new site construction, pumping units, powering water wells, as well as for dozens of other activities. In fact, at many sites, generators run 24 hours a day, seven days a week […]

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  • Sage Oil Vac announces new, three-tier warranty

    We’ve got your back! Sage Oil Vac has launched a new, three-tier warranty program (effective September 2018) to better serve customers near and far. Why the update? After an analysis of more than 25 years of successful Sage Oil Vac equipment lifecycles, we determined that the quality and reliability of our products continue to exceed […]

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  • The LubeBuilder System is Changing the Game and Johnson-Davis Inc. Agrees

    We talk about our Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder system a lot, not just because we want to show you how it works, but because we know how much it is impacting the people and businesses that use it. How do we know? Because the companies that buy it tell us. One such example is the […]

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    Sage on the Street: You’re Better Than Your Current Setup

    Used oil buckets are strewn about the back of a truck. Containers piled high. Tipped over oil jugs rolling around with peeling labels. This chaotic imagery keeps the Sage Oil Vac team awake at night and it has them asking one question: How do people work like that? “We see unorganized work trucks on the […]

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  • Sage Oil Vac: 10 Years in the Land Down Under

    Perth, Australia is one of the world’s most isolated capital cities. Home to over 2 million people, Perth is famous for its capital wealth and extravagant beaches. Australia is the world’s top exporter of iron ore, gas and gold, most of which is found in Western Australia. Thus, it was once said Perth was home […]

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  • Are You Doing It Wrong? How to Get a Cleaner Oil Exchange

    Clean oil is a thing of beauty and starting with a pure product (especially oil that’s OEM-approved) can be nearly impossible if your operation doesn’t have the right set up for the exchange. While all motor oils eventually succumb to contamination and need to be changed due to day-to-day exposures, there are several factors that […]

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