Sage Oil Vac recently signed a Master Service Agreement with Cummins, Inc, Located in Columbus, IN, to supply its Sage Oil Vac Lube Trailers, Lube Skids and Lube Trucks to Cummins Power Gen locations throughout North America.

Cummins Power Generation is a multinational, Fortune 500 company, serving customers around the world in the industries of engines, power generation, components, and distribution. With a large number of manufacturing and distribution locations around the globe, this MSA with Sage Oil Vac will benefit the company greatly.

Sage Oil Vac has provided Sage Oil Vac Lube Trailers to Cummins Power Gen companies for years and this agreement formalizes models, specs, deliverables, and pricing. Sage Oil Vac has provided its trailers to a number of Cummins regional companies over the years including Cummins Rocky Mountain, Cummins Mid South, Cummins Cumberland, and Cummins Ireland, to name a few.

The MSA is a win-win, saving both companies time and streaming the order process for the Cummins customers. “Many Cummins Power Gen locations are realizing the benefits of Sage Oil Vac lube trailers. It makes their generator oil changes much quicker, but it also reduces the chance of spills on the customer’s property. It also streamlines the logistics of their oil program,” said Aaron Sage of Sage Oil Vac.

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