Sage Oil Vac is unveiling the latest innovation in its mobile lube equipment lineup at the 2023 SEMA Show. The new VacBuilt system by Sage Oil Vac provides ready-to-use mobile service solutions. The first offering in the lineup is a waste oil tank, providing flexibility for service technicians who don’t require a new bulk oil tank when completing preventive maintenance on vehicles and heavy equipment. A single waste oil collection solution can capture fluids from a mix of different vehicles utilizing different types and grades of oil.

This VacBuilt product combines a 30- or 60-gallon horizontal used oil tank with mounting options for a hose reel and controls. A removable mounting plate provides flexibility to either mount a hose reel and controls to the top of the tank or they can be mounted remotely, depending on the most effective configuration for the application.

This initial product offering features tank capacities well suited to meet the demands of both mobile automotive fleet service and heavy equipment applications.

VacBuilt Waste Oil Tank“Mobile service is gaining popularity in the automotive world. Getting used oil out of the vehicle is the most important part of that oil change. A 30-gallon or 60-gallon capacity will handle many oil changes on passenger vehicles. It is a good initial investment for a company that wants to get into that business,” says Aaron Sage, Sage Oil Vac CEO.

Sage Oil Vac plans to expand the VacBuilt line with larger-capacity tanks in the future as it continues to innovate products based on its proven pump-free technology. These fluid exchange systems are fast, safe, clean, economical and versatile. Clean, sealed tanks protect the operator and the environment, reducing spills.

Packaged for convenience

A single used-oil tank solution has always been available through Sage Oil Vac’s LubeBuilder™ program. However, the product line required customers order the desired components and assemble the system themselves. To meet the emerging demand, VacBuilt systems are now assembled at the factory for customer convenience and to ensure product quality.

“With this used oil solution, it is ready to go. We have taken a common specification and packaged it together. Just hook your air source to it,” said Sage.

The addition of two brackets welded to the top of the used oil tank allows the control panel and hose reel to be mounted on the system. The control panel includes a pressure gauge, a ball valve with a pressure relief setting and a ball valve with a vacuum setting. Customers can choose between a one-inch by 50-foot hose reel or a 3/4-inch by 25-foot hose reel.

The Sage advantage

The vacuum-generator-operated VacBuilt provides all the benefits of Sage Oil Vac’s no-pump vacuum technology with additional configuration flexibility. The vacuum generator includes a push-on fitting at the air inlet to simplify operation. Compressed air is used to build vacuum pressure to move fluids to and from tanks. The operator can vacuum hot motor oil from equipment at up to six to eight gallons per minute.

The enclosed, no-pump system protects the operator and the environment as tanks are not vented to the atmosphere. The exclusion of pumps also means fewer maintenance problems for a lower cost of ownership.

Adaptable for the shop or truck

VacBuilt is suitable for both mobile and shop applications. In the shop, these used oil tanks eliminate the need for centralized lube systems that are expensive to install within a building and have extensive upkeep.

These tanks will also easily fit in the bed of a truck for customers performing mobile lube services. They are a good starting point for customers exploring the growing automotive mobile oil change business.

Based in Newcastle, Delaware, ARS Truck & Fleet Service thrives on providing exceptional mobile fleet service, keeping customers’ vehicles moving through preventive maintenance and repair services — working both in the shop and on the road. It’s even been named one of Delaware’s Fastest 50 growing companies and the Multi-Shop Organization top shop by the Automotive Training Institute. Even with all the recognition and a packed schedule of 50,000 services annually, customer relationships remain the focal point of the business.

“We’re the best at what we do because we understand there’s real people behind the wheel, real businesses trying to succeed and real customer’s we’re trying to support,” said Patrick Connell, president and CEO of ARS Truck & Fleet Service.

ARS Truck & Fleet Service prioritizes a win-win relationship with its customer base. Customers can count on the company to handle preventive maintenance, allowing them to focus completely on their operations. This keeps vehicles operating efficiently and saves costs over time with more efficient operation, less downtime and longer equipment life.

ARS Truck & Fleet Service attributes its high level of success to attracting the best employees and partnering with the best equipment suppliers. Its highly trained crews use custom mobile lube equipment from Sage Oil Vac to complete fast, safe and clean fluid exchanges.

Customized equipment meets unique mobile fleet servicing needs

ARS Truck & Fleet Service provides onsite and in-shop preventive maintenance for fleets ranging from five to 500 vehicles in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The company’s mobile fleet services keep customers on the road, eliminating the need to ferry vehicles back and forth. Service solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of each customer.

In the same way, ARS Truck & Fleet Service leadership didn’t want a pre-packaged preventive maintenance equipment solution when investing in updated lube trucks. They needed the flexibility to design a tailored solution. The company found an ideal partner with Sage Oil Vac. The revolutionary Sage Oil Vac LubeBuildersystem provides a customizable à la carte solution featuring patented no-pump lube exchange technology. Quick response times confirmed the Sage Oil Vac team was just as customer focused as ARS Fleet Service.

“Sage Oil Vac responded in record time. ARS Truck & Fleet Service was well down the road to buying Sage Oil Vac equipment before any other lube system providers even called back,” recalled Connell.

The Sage Oil Vac lineup ranges from lube carts to trucks to fit a range of needs — including completely customizable LubeBuilder systems. Working with Sage Oil Vac, the ARS Truck & Fleet Service team was able to develop a solution uniquely tailored to meet the needs of its customers as well as on-site and mobile fleet service technicians.

The result of the collaborative design process was a LubeBuilder system mounted in enclosed high-roof utility bodies. The systems are equipped with two tanks — one waste oil tank and one fresh oil tank. Light-duty trucks use 30-gallon tanks while heavy-duty trucks use 60-gallon tanks.

Located along the Atlantic coast, ARS Truck & Fleet Service faces hot summers and cold winters with an average of 45 inches of precipitation annually. But the enclosed Sage Oil Vac lube trucks are up to the challenge. No amount of cold has stopped them.

Many features have been added to simplify efficiency for the service technician. For example, LED product-level sensors are being used. The technician knows how much capacity is left in the tank without guessing.

Exceeding customer expectations

To raise the bar for its customers, ARS Truck & Fleet Service needed to find a solution that would address customary limitations of competitive preventive maintenance solutions. So, they chose a mobile lube equipment partner who does things differently.

“Sage Oil Vac is uniquely positioned to attack many different issues with one piece of equipment,” said Connell.

That includes speeding — and cleaning — up preventive maintenance. ARS Truck & Fleet Service can now change oil faster and with less mess than the competition. The patented Sage Oil Vac system uses cutting-edge vacuum technology to make changing fluids faster, while the enclosed design keeps oil where it should be. Compressed air builds vacuum pressure to move fluids to and from tanks making mobile fleet servicing cleaner than ever.

“The Sage Oil Vac system helped elevate ARS Truck & Fleet Service to a more professional level. We have become a better provider in all areas of the business. PM can be performed much faster than before. Technicians are much happier because of the cleanliness of the system. They don’t have to clean up a jobsite after doing a PM when they head home at the end of the day. It helps with hiring and retention of employees,” said Connell.

“We listened to ARS Truck & Fleet Service and adapted our product to meet their unique needs. This is a partnership built on a desire to deliver top-notch customer service,” said Aaron Sage, CEO of Sage Oil Vac.

ARS Truck & Fleet Service has been able to up its game by specifying custom preventive maintenance trucks with the Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder system. This partnership has proven a true win-win relationship, with ARS Fleet Service budgeting for over 20 more LubeBuilder systems in the first half of next year.

Sage Oil can customize a solution that addresses the unique needs of any preventive maintenance application. Use the Sage Oil Vac Product Match Tool to discover the best system for your work.

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