EV Powerwash & Lube — A ‘Leap of Faith’ Worth Taking

Jun 08, 2017

Every entrepreneur’s road to success is unique and one of a kind, Sage Oil Vac lives for the days when their equipment can help boost business. Eric Sanchez, owner and operator of EV Powerwash & Lube, LLC in Midland, Texas, says coming across Sage did just that.

In 2013, Sanchez was a physical therapist by trade, but he just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take advantage of the booming oil economy.

“I started with just a $400 powerwasher and a truck, and for a while I would just go around and wash oil transport vehicles,” Sanchez said. “Then in 2014, I started leasing an old gas station and I converted it into a lube shop where we did oil changes, safety inspections and powerwashes on just passenger vehicles.”

As his business clientele grew, Sanchez began to reach out to more commercial customers to see if they would be receptive to using him for their on-site personal maintenance (PM) needs.

“I started out doing personal maintenance for a couple customers that had transports and that is when I met Dwayne Green at Oil Patch Power and bought a Sage Oil Vac PM unit to continue doing that,” Sanchez said. “The big break was when I gained the business of ProPetro.”

ProPetro, a Midland, Texas-based oil field services company, provides hydraulic fracturing and other services to North American oil and gas companies.

“They let me start with their transport engine maintenance,” Sanchez recalled. “Once we built their confidence with that, they slowly started letting us work on their hydraulic pumps which require much larger engines with a lot more oil and filters. Now we’re doing maybe 60-70 percent of their equipment PM services.”

After Sanchez established ProPetro as a regular client, work requests from other companies started rolling in. This lead to a few more purchases from Green at Oil Patch Power and several new hires to his team.

“It’s been fast, it started as a leap of faith and it’s worked out,” Sanchez said. “I started with five employees and now I’m up to 30.”

EV Powerwash & Lube, LLC currently utilizes two Sage Oil Vac PM trailers and three lube skids. With the increasing jobsite no-spill regulations, Sanchez said the Sage equipment has really helped keep things clean.

“Everything we do has to be properly contained, properly vacuumed and disposed of, which is something we encounter with oil changes,” Sanchez explained. “Sage has made our job more efficient and more productive. It’s worked very well for us and the equipment is very well built. It’s definitely been a part of our success.”

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