Mobile Lube Skids Unlock Versatility and Service Vehicle Efficiency

Apr 19, 2024

Have you identified the need for a better mobile lube solution but feel your fleet is too small for a dedicated lube truck or trailer? We hear this all the time. Turn your mechanic truck, service van, flatbed truck or trailer into a mobile service solution with a mobile lube skid – and realize cleaner, faster and safer fluid exchanges.

Advantages of a mobile lube skid.

Budget is an important consideration for any new maintenance solution. Mobile lube skids nicely balance lower entry investment that still provides expanded capabilities to traditional fluid exchange methods.  One reason they’re more economical is because they can be added to an existing vehicle.

Portability is another huge advantage. Mobile lube skids are compact with easy-access forklift slots and sling lifting rings. They can be moved between vehicles, jobsites, and your shop with a crane or fork truck. You can even place them out of the way when you don’t need to use them.

Fresh fluids? Used fluids? Both? Mobile lube skids also offer versatility to fit the needs of your operation, including the amount of product tanks you need and capacity from 30-60 gallons.

Finally, mobile skids offer nearly unmatched flexibility. Because they can be taken in and out of vehicles, you still have full access to your truck or van. You still have access to your trailer hitch when hauling your skid.

Perhaps most importantly, mobile lube skids ensure your maintenance program can carry on even if your truck breaks down. Just move the skid to a new vehicle.

“Old-fashioned” buckets and funnels versus mobile lube skid simplicity

When performing an oil change there are two common scenarios. One is the messy, antiquated practice of using buckets and funnels. Technicians spending hours on the ritual of removing oil plugs, catching the oil in a container and using a funnel to replace it with new oil. It’s physically demanding and comes with plenty of oil spill risks.

The other option is a mobile lube skid designed to help technicians finish oil changes without any additional equipment. It’s faster, cleaner and less physically demanding. That translates to happier employees and a better ROI.

Why Sage Oil Vac mobile lube skids stand out

Sage Oil Vac lube skids offer lower initial investment, portability, flexibility and lowest cost to own — with the added advantage of exclusive pump-free technology. Our pump-free vacuum technology uses compressed air to move fluids into and out of tanks. A Sage Oil Vac system can vacuum fill fresh oil tanks at rates up to 15 gallons per minute, dispense products at rates of up to 5 gallons a minute and vacuum hot motor oil at up to 6 to 8 gallons per minute. The result? More machines serviced daily than mechanical pump-driven models. And no pumps mean less long-term maintenance on the system itself.

The pump-free process uses sealed non vented tanks, which also means oil changes with Sage Oil Vac are cleaner and safer. Contaminants stay in the tanks, rather than spill into the environment or on the technician.

“We started with one small Sage Oil Vac lube skid and when we saw how much more efficient it was than the old way we serviced machines in the field, we added additional units until we had enough to service our whole fleet.”

– Trey Villanueva
Operations manager for equipment rentals
Big D Companies

Need a custom system? We have you covered.

Technicians are more productive when they have all the fluids they need to service the fleet without the added stress of frequent trips to the shop. Sometimes there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for what your operation requires in a mobile lube system. Sage Oil Vac offers an industry-unique solution with the LubeBuilder™ system, which also features the exclusive patented no-pump lube exchange technology.

As a completely customizable, à la carte kit, the LubeBuilder system cuts costs by allowing you to select the configuration you need for a more economic upfit. You’ll work with the Sage Oil Vac team to customize everything from the number of tanks to tank storage capacities, placement of tanks, and more.

“The Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder system helped elevate our operation to a more professional level. We have become a better provider in all areas of the business. PM can be performed much faster than before. Technicians are much happier because of the cleanliness of the system. They don’t have to clean up a jobsite after doing a PM when they head home at the end of the day. It helps with hiring and retention of employees.”

Patrick Connell
President and CEO
ARS Truck & Fleet Service

Mobile lube skids fit applications for every size company — even large fleets. A skid can easily service a few pieces of equipment brought to a jobsite before the bulk of the work begins or those left on site once work is finished for the day.

Contact a Sage Oil Vac dealer to discuss how a lube skid can increase oil change efficiency for your operation — or explore our available inventory to see the skids available to ship right now.


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