Murphy Contracting Company — Moving on Up with Sage Oil Vac

Aug 12, 2017

Murphy Contracting Company, a commercial, industrial and residential earthmoving business located in London, Ontario, Canada, was established by Ron and Karen Murphy in 1999 with three scrapers and one bulldozer to their name. However, in the past 18 years, the Murphy fleet has grown to more than 150 pieces of equipment and now two Sage Oil Vac Lubebuilder systems.

“It took a lot of work to get this far,” said Dan Sullivan Mechanic at Murphy Contracting. “At the 2017 CONEXPO we purchased a Sage LubeBuilder system to install on a couple of our trucks. The kit arrived and we were able to install it in-house. The install went fairly well — it was a bit tricky getting everything we wanted in such a small area on our trucks, but with the variety of tank configurations it worked out very well.”

The Sage LubeBuilder system was added to two Murphy Contracting PM trucks with the following specs:

  • 80-gal. used oil tank with a 50-ft reel
  • 30-gal. fresh oil tanks with 50-ft reels
  • 60-gal. fresh oil tanks with 50-ft reels

“We pride ourselves on our commercial, industrial and residential site work abilities,” Sullivan said. “These Sage Lubebuilder systems have only expedited our ability to complete construction contracts efficiently and quickly now that we can service equipment on-site. I really enjoy being able to vaccum oil — not having to pump or gravity feed oil to fill product tanks makes the process very convenient

Sullivan says the LubeBuilder systems have cut Murphy equipment service times in half.

“It is important to have the right tools for the job,” Sullivan said. “We have reached the size where we can cater to the diverse requirements of our valued clients. Since inception, one of our main goals was to expand our capabilities. From our ability to complete cell excavations, to methane gas lines, to leachate systems, to landfill cell liners — we have completed projects of various sizes and complications to reach that goal.”

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