How to Get a Cleaner Oil Exchange and Prevent Oil Contamination

Jun 07, 2018

Clean oil is a thing of beauty and starting with a pure product (especially oil that’s OEM-approved) can be nearly impossible if your operation doesn’t have the right set up to prevent oil contamination during the exchange. While all motor oils eventually succumb to contamination and need to be changed due to day-to-day exposures, there are several factors that could be mucking up your pure product sooner than planned. Sage Oil Vac CEO Aaron Sage has seen it all, and he’s here to help with a little sage advice.

Preventing oil contamination

Problem: The oil is dirty upon arrival

It happens all the time — the new oil shows up from the distributor and it’s less than pristine. Or maybe you can’t see it’s dirty at all and you only find out later when your equipment is running subpar.

Sage Oil Vac Solution: “Over the years we’ve seen firsthand that new oil doesn’t always come clean from its distributor — that’s why Sage Oil Vac equipment comes standard with built-in filtration systems,” Aaron said. “That added protection can really be the differentiator in a quality oil exchange.”

The built-in filtration systems within Sage Oil Vac equipment acts as a strainer for harmful particles providing an added safety net against oil contamination.

Problem: The “Fly-By-the-Seat-of-Your-Pants” oil organization system

Picture this… oil jugs rolling around in the back of the truck, labels falling off, misplaced caps, half-empty containers and few used oil buckets sloshing around. It’s oil contamination galore. Does this sound familiar?

Sage Oil Vac Solution: “Things can go haywire quick if you’re not organized — we’ve seen operators put the wrong oil in because they’ve got a bunch of drums and buckets laying around and the labels got worn off,” Aaron said. “We’ve created professional lube equipment with the features like our NextLube monitor system to help operators maintain efficiency on the jobsite and cut down maintenance costs.”

The NextLube monitor allows operators to integrate data while incorporating automation and fluid control as an optional add on accessory for Sage Oil Vac lube trucks and trailers. The monitor allows operators to label tanks for better fluid organization and uses intuitive touch screen controls with real-time fluid level displays and more.

Problem: Meeting OEM warranty requirements

Some OEMs require specific oil to be used in their equipment as a part of their warranty agreements. Sometimes the warranty agreement will be part-specific too, so one oil type needs to go in the motor and another type needs to go into the hydraulics.

Sage Oil Vac Solution: “We can, and we have, added extra tanks to help accommodate this kind of thing,” Aaron said. “It’s better to be prepared with the right oil exchange set up throughout equipment warranty periods. If something goes wrong and breaks down and you didn’t follow the rules, you might be out of luck and have to pay out of pocket.”

Sage can help you customize a dedicated lube vehicle for these situations with our LubeBuilder system. Choose everything from the number of tanks, tank storage capacities and the placement of the tanks within the truck bed. Your custom LubeBuilder kit will arrive with installation instructions and manuals for a simple install.

Problem: Traditional lube equipment

Using a proper storage tank is essential in avoiding oil contamination to prolong the life of the lubricant. Depending on your current equipment, you could be mucking up your clean oil supply with a dirty tank.

Sage Oil Vac Solution: “In traditional lube equipment they use an atmospheric tank — we’ve been to customers’ sites where we’ve pulled the cap off and there’s an inch of caked oil and dirt in the bottom,” Aaron said. “With our system, we have sealed tanks and built-in filtrations to keep fluids clean.”

Sage exchange systems use clean, sealed tanks which reduces oil contaminants (and creates less spillage on the job). While the Sage system goes against the grain of the traditional pump-based technology, customers who make the switch enjoy a cleaner, more energy efficient oil change on the job. The unique pump-free design allows the end-user to dispense and drain oil faster using cutting-edge vacuum technology.

Find more information on the many advantages of Sage Oil Vac or find your local dealer.


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