Product Spotlight: NextLube

February 14, 2017

Have you heard about the next ‘big’ thing at Sage Oil Vac? While it might not be big in size, our latest innovation is going to be huge in terms of productivity and ease of use. After months of whispers and hints to our customers, we’re excited to announce the soon-to-launch NextLube monitor system.

Sage Oil Vac NextLube

NextLube will allow operators to integrate data while incorporating automation and fluid control with Sage Oil Vac mobile lube equipment. Based on customer feedback, Sage is developing this system to allow for more operator control with a touch screen centralized control panel to take out the manual actuation of valves.

NextLube also streamlines maintenance operations by providing real-time fluid levels, totalized quantities of oil dispensed, flow rates and oil temperatures, all while having the capability to tie into existing customer telematics operations. With more information to be given to the operator, this product will simplify the job by reducing the learning curve for new operators.

The intuitive touch screen panel will bring a straightforward presentation of information to every job. More safety features and logic will be built into the system. NextLube will also display the gallons that are in the tank, instead of the percentage, making the process easier for the technician to determine the amount of oil available to complete a job.

The digitization of what has previously been a manual process, allows for so many possibilities including running the system from an app on a smartphone or tablet, incorporating back-end costs and telematics to specific equipment. While it’s not yet available, NextLube is currently in development to be released in the summer of 2017 — get ready for the next ‘big’ thing!