A Proud Dealer; A Better Dealer Network

Sep 30, 2016

When company founder Gary Sage decided to develop Sage Oil Vac into a full-time business venture, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. With the corporate office located in the heart of the Texas, it was simply impossible to reach every customer. Thus began the Sage Oil Vac dealer network, which now comprises of more than 30 dealers in seven countries.


Dwayne Green, President of Oil Patch Power in Greenville, Texas, has been a proud member of the SOV dealer network for two years.

“We are the No. 1 dealer for Sage Oil Vac in West Texas,” Green said. “I enjoy meeting new customers and educating them about the always-expanding Sage Oil Vac product line.”

Thanks to successful dealers like Green, Sage Oil Vac products are now being run in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, China, Russia, Wales, Kuwait, Iraq, South Africa, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, France, Spain and several other European countries.

“The Sage Oil Vac products really help our customers save money, work safer and provide the best services out there,” Green explained. “Thanks to the Sage factory team, we’re able to provide a quick customer response as well as cutting-edge and custom built machinery with competitive pricing. We always put the customer’s needs first.”

Oil Patch Power started its company as an independent Sage Oil Vac dealer but has successfully expanded its dealership to include products from John Deere, Kubota, CK Gas, Kohler and more. Green attributes his success to discovering an important niche in the machinery market with his location in the Permian Basin (a large oil and natural gas producing area).

Green said his customers especially enjoy the way Sage Oil Vac products keep them clean on the job.

“I’ve had customers tell me, ‘I am as clean at the end of the day as when I started. I can get in my truck at the end of the day without changing my clothes.’”

Be sure to visit OilPatchPower.com for more information about Green’s additional products.

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