Sage Sees Global Wind Turbine Market Growth

Aug 18, 2017

Not enough good things can be said about wind energy. For years scientists have urged world leaders to encourage countries to create alternate sources of clean energy, like wind power, a priority and it seems many have listened. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, the number of wind turbines spinning around the world at the end of 2016 was 341,320. Not only is this great news for our environment, it’s great news for Sage Oil Vac.

Benefits of Wind Power

  • Clean energy source
  • Sustainable
  • Cost effective
  • Establishes jobs upon set up

Wind turbines which convert the energy from wind to generate electricity, require a gear box to function and maintenance is essential to keep parts working properly. Sage Wind Turbine Generator Solutions systems were designed to provide turbine service providers with a safer way to manage oil, antifreeze changes and more. The Gear Oil Exchange (GOEX) unit which was designed in 2007, and the Flush and Rinse unit which was designed in 2010, are now in over 15 countries around the world. In 2016-2017, Sage added Mexico, Japan and Brazil to that list.

“Japan and Mexico are fairly new to the wind energy marketplace,” said Sage Oil Vac CEO Aaron Sage. “It’s great to see our products helping in such a beneficial industry. We’re looking forward to increasing shipments around the world to make turbine servicings easier and safer to manage.”

The GOEX features an onboard filtration system that cleans oil to meet ISO-approved levels with zero-cross contamination to significantly reduce the amount of wear particles in gearboxes. With cleaner oil and a greater frequency of oil changes, you can significantly increase the lifetime of any wind gearbox. A rinse and flush process is also required in turbine maintenance to remove contamination and sediment in many wind turbine gearboxes. Both units provide proactive maintenance approaches to help increase lubricant life and equipment durability.

For more information about Sage Oil Vac’s wind solution offerings, visit or contact a dealer near you.

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