You’re Better Than Your Current Mobile Truck System

Aug 13, 2018

Used oil buckets are strewn about the back of a truck. Containers piled high. Tipped over oil jugs rolling around with peeling labels. This chaotic imagery keeps the Sage Oil Vac team awake at night and it has them asking one question: How do people work with a mobile truck system setup like that?

“We see unorganized work trucks on the road all the time and it’s become kind of a competition among the Sage team to capture a photo of the worst offenders,” said Chance Castillo, Sage Oil Vac Midwest Territory Manager. “I just want to flag them down and say, ‘There’s a better way!’”Disorganized and hazardous mobile truck system

Right about now you’re probably thinking: What is this “better way” and how expensive is it to revamp your mobile truck system setup? Well, Castillo says it’s their game-changing LubeBuilderTM system.

Elevate your mobile service truck setup

As a completely customizable, a la carte lube system for virtually any vehicle, the LubeBuilder system cuts costs by allowing the customer to select only the things they really want and need. Choose everything from the number of tanks, tank storage capacities and the placement of the tanks within the space you have available. This product works great for crane trucks, mechanics bodies, van bodies and enclosed bodies.

“This system isn’t just great for organization, a few common situations we see are when a pre-built lube skid’s footprint doesn’t fit, a customer can’t afford to get another dedicated truck, or a lube trailer doesn’t work with the jobsite parameters they frequently visit,” Castillo said. “Whatever the reason, a LubeBuilder™ system provides operators with the lube exchange essentials to fit their exact set-up at a fraction of the cost.”

Order a LubeBuilder™ system

The ordering process is incredibly simple as well. Customers work with a Sage specialist at their local dealer or they can contact Sage Oil Vac directly. After the initial call or email you will receive a price quote – and at the customer’s request – Sage will even provide a custom blueprint to help you visualize the layout of your mobile service truck setup for installation planning.

“Our dealers and Sage specialists try to make the whole process as seamless as possible,” Castillo said. “Our end goal is to make the customer happy and improve jobsite effectiveness. We’re very thorough in our follow-ups to make sure your final LubeBuilder set-up is what you envisioned it would be.”

Once the order is placed, the team in Amarillo packages the parts you need within a short two- to three-week lead time. Your LubeBuilder kit will then arrive with everything you need to complete the install yourself — we’re talking the tools, the step-by-step instructions and every nut, bolt and screw. Sage Oil Vac even has an installation video you can watch if you prefer video instructions. Depending on your mechanical proficiency and system size — Castillo said it takes most customers a few days to have the whole install completed (sometimes less depending on how many helping hands you have).

“The LubeBuilder concept can be hard for some people to understand because we have no physical inventory to show them,” Castillo explained. “Since everything is 100 percent custom to your needs, there are no two kits alike unless someone has ordered a whole fleet of kits for identical vehicles. So, since most dealers don’t have an example to show you in-store, we want to emphasize how transdecent this product is — it’s a mobile lube exchange solution that can be anything you need it to be.”

Sage Oil Vac is here for you

Castillo also stressed that if a photo of your current mobile truck system could make the “Sage Wall of Shame,” there’s no judgement if you give them a call.

“Step one is accepting there is a better solution than your current setup and step two is coming to Sage Oil Vac for the LubeBuilder system solution. We’re here to help and this is a safe space,” Castillo joked. “We like to think that the reason some of these trucks look the way they do is because the company hasn’t heard about the LubeBuilder system yet or they don’t know how affordable it is.”

If you or someone you know drives a disorganized lube vehicle similar to the photo above, call the Sage Oil Vac support hotline or contact your local dealer for a fast, free LubeBuilder quote today.



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