Gear Oil Exchange Units (GOEX)

Gear Oil Exchange Units (GOEX)

Sage Oil Vac’s Gear Oil Exchange (GOEX) system was designed in 2007 to provide wind turbine service providers with a safer way to manage oil changes. Available in a variety of platforms including skids, open trailers, enclosed trailers, enclosed trucks or offshore containers. All options include the company’s standard features; however, Sage Oil Vac can customize any GOEX system to meet the distinctive demands of any wind farm.

GOEX features an on-board filtration system that cleans oil to meet ISO-approved levels with zero-cross contamination to significantly reduces the amount of wear particles in gearboxes. Studies performed have continually shown that the GOEX leaves just over 0.1 percent wear particles compared to 50 percent wear particles left by other systems. With cleaner oil and a greater frequency of oil changes, you can significantly increase the lifetime of any wind gearbox.

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