Class 8 Bodies

Sage Oil Vac Class 8 Fuel/Lube bodies can deliver 2000 gallons of diesel to your jobsite in one trip. Sage Oil Vac lube equipment will enable your operator to perform fluid exchanges 2-3 times faster than pump-based systems while performing those changes cleaner, safer and without pump failure. Among the many options available are heated tanks and tool/filter storage. Choose between traditional PTO-driven hydraulics to run compressor and fuel pump or diesel-powered stand alone air compressor with hydraulic power for diesel pump. This allows you to shut down truck engine while on job site to avoid costly DPF/SCR problems. Save gallons of diesel and truck engine run-time with these standalone units.


  • (1) 2,000-gal (7,570.82-L) trapezoidal fuel tank
  • (5) 120-gal (454.25-L) fresh oil & fluid tanks
  • (1) 100-gal (378.54-L) DEF tank
Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck

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