Sometimes the ideal equipment maintenance scenario doesn’t involve a centralized shop. In many cases, it’s best to do that work right on the jobsite. But it takes the right equipment. Sage Oil Vac lubes trucks and lube truck bodies help operators take care of that maintenance without pulling equipment from the job. Available in various truck weights, Sage lube truck bodies are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. They feature Sage Oil Vac exclusive vacuum pressure systems, eliminating the need for high-maintenance diaphragm pumps to deliver oil and other fluids to equipment operators so they can get back to work quicker and more efficiently.

So, how do lube truck bodies help?

These features, on top of other common components that add operator ease and convenience, contribute to a more efficient jobsite. It minimizes the time required to perform routine maintenance and doing it on the jobsite instead of a shop or maintenance facility.

“Our lube trucks and lube bodies help jobsite managers and contractors get their maintenance work done quickly so they can get back to the job they’re out there to do,” said Sage Oil Vac CEO Aaron Sage. “Given we have a wide range of options, we think it’s important to make an informed decision so you’re striking the right balance and staying as productive as possible.”

Choose the right model

Selecting the right Sage lube truck or lube truck body starts with a look at your available workforce. Figure out what size of chassis and truck combination will best accommodate how you operate and service your customers. For smaller operators, those without commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs) or who provide service to multiple locations at the same time, non-CDL lube trucks foot the bill. They’re smaller and can be mounted on a Dodge Ram 5500 or Ford F-550 truck. The total weight ranges from 16,001 to 19,500 pounds. Non-CDL lube trucks — like the Sage 55AB-6200 — have a tank capacity of up to 180 gallons. They are ideal for servicing equipment like dozers, excavators and rental generators.

If you service a larger fleet on a smaller number of job sites, a Class 7 or Class 8 truck or body provides the fluid capacity (up to 2,000 gallons) to perform oil and fluid changes on multiple machines in a single trip. On top of the Sage Oil Vac exclusive vacuum pressure system, these larger trucks feature high-capacity tanks, hoses, compressors and generators for delivering oil and fluids. And attributes like driver-side bulk fill stations, remote control capabilities and LED fluid sensors make operation more efficient and convenient.

Keep equipment running

All told, these features and components help maintenance providers deliver service to the jobsite. This can be done regardless of the size or number of machines being serviced. Sage Oil Vac lube truck bodies are vital to efficiently maintain equipment so jobsite operations can continue with minimal interruption.

“We consider our lube trucks and lube trucks bodies part of a larger system in which we can help contractors and equipment operators do a good job of maintaining their equipment then get back to work with minimal work interruption,” Sage said. “Our trucks and lube bodies were designed to keep machines running as efficiently as possible, and we’re going to keep finding new ways to continue to make that happen.”




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BrandFX is the most trusted composite work body manufacturer in the United States and provides purpose-built solutions for five of the nation’s top six service fleets. When BrandFX’s President, Gary Heisterkamp received a request to outfit 20 vehicles with composite service bodies that include the ability to perform onsite oil-changes, he turned to Sage Oil Vac for a customized mobile lube system that can be configured to the exact specifications of his customer.

“A logging tradeshow is where I got my first chance to see a Sage mobile lube system in action,” Heisterkamp explained. “I was impressed with the technology and the speeds they are able to deliver fluid. So, when one of our large national customers asked for our help coming up with a mobile service solution at the NTEA Work Truck Show, I brought them by the Sage Oil Vac booth for an introduction where we learned about the customizable LubeBuilder system.”

Total customization
Working with the people at Sage Oil Vac, the BrandFX team was able to select the number and sizes of tanks most appropriate for the work its customer would be doing. Based on the needs of the customer, they installed a four-tank system with a storage container for used filters. They recommended their customers install FEMCO drain plugs, which allows hoses to be directly hooked up to the drain pan to improve speed and reduce the chance of spilling fluids.

“The LubeBuilder system is totally customizable, so we could set up within the truck body in the ideal configuration,” Heisterkamp added. “We positioned the controls so they were convenient for the operator and the tanks were in a position to maximize cargo and storage space. We also included space to install a used filter receptacle.”

The LubeBuilder system was quick and easy to install, and a Sage Oil Vac technician travel to BrandFX’s Iowa upfit facilities to help with the process.

A happy customer
BrandFX’s customer can now provide mobile lubrication services to one of the largest fleets of work trucks in the country. And, according to Heisterkamp, his customer is so happy with the results, they already placed another order.

Learn more about the Sage LubeBuilder system.


The Sage Oil Vac team hit the road in October for the 2017 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The event featured 18,000+ exhibitors and thousands of event-goers.

The Sage Oil Vac booth showcased:

“We really enjoyed the product demo portion of the expo,” said Sage Oil Vac CEO, Aaron Sage. “It was great to see bystanders take it all in and ask questions about our products.”

Several Sage dealers also stopped by to visit with the team and to talk with potential customers.

“Customers were very interested in how our no-pump systems work,” Sage explained. “Seeing them have that ‘ah-ha’ moment during a demo was really great. We’re excited to follow up with some of the folks we met during the show.”

For more information about Sage’s presence at ICUEE or to provide additional feedback from the event please contact Chance Castillo at [email protected].


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