What, Where and Why: 3 Adjustments to Our Onsite Oil Change Equipment

Aug 18, 2021

The latest adjustments to our onsite oil change equipment

In addition to new product development, evolving current Sage Oil Vac equipment designs is an important part of our business. No matter the product or the solution, components to our onsite oil change equipment can almost always be made better. We’re constantly testing new ways to do things, trying different building materials and seeking feedback from our customers on how we can improve. Check out a few of our latest innovative updates…

Redesigned Vac T component

The Vac T was created to have less wear parts on the top of the tank that might be susceptible to corrosion or leaking over time. The previous design had multiple pieces and fittings which increased the likelihood of premature wear over time which could eventually cause leakage. The updated Vac-T piece is a custom pre-cast resolving those issues. The Vac T also reduces the height of Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder tanks by a couple of inches, allowing it to fit more easily in tight Lubebuilder upfit configurations. Just one way, Sage Oil Vac looks to create custom solutions to increase the life of our onsite oil change equipment.

Relocated bulk fill stations on all truck models

Previously, all bulk fill stations were housed within the rear reel cabinets of any Sage Oil Vac truck model. While this design had good intentions, the location required longer hose lines to be able to extend their reach and get the fluid to the tanks. It also created a bit of chaos and the potential for added mess when it came time to tackle replacement parts or address other issues. Moving the bulk fill station to the truck side body cabinets, brings lines closer to the tanks and prevents hose entanglement for and easier, cleaner and faster hook-up and fill.

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Enhanced Used Filter Receptacle™ design

For those unfamiliar with our unique Used Filter Receptacle (UFR) accessory, this piece of Sage Oil Vac onsite oil change equipment provides a secure and leak-proof holding tank for used filters. The UFR is available in several designs based on its intended mount location and it connects to a used fluid tank so users can easily vacuum oil that may drain from the discarded filters. Cutouts were added to the side of the UFRs, within reel cabinets, in our latest design update to help nozzles and meters locked during transportation and catch any remaining drips.

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Customer feedback is always welcome

Have an idea, suggestion or request to make Sage Oil Vac onsite oil change equipment even better? We want to hear it! Get a hold of our team.

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