Expanded Sage Used Filter Receptacle Offerings

Aug 21, 2017

Sage Oil Vac most often supplies LubeBuilder systems to customers with crane bodies, work trucks and van installations but as the popularity of the system increases a need for additional used filter receptacle (UFR) options has presented itself. To better meet the needs of our customers’ unique install situations we are now offering:

  • Wall-mounted UFRs
  • Top side pack mounted UFRs
  • Inside side pack cabinet mounted UFRs
  • Top open UFRs
  • Front door opening UFRs

The wall-mounted UFR is tall with a narrower width. It works great for van or enclosed body installations where it can be anchored to a wall to help support it. It would also work well up against the inside wall of a tall work truck body. The door opens toward the operator and the hinge runs vertically. The top side pack mounted UFR design is meant for the top of a side pack on a service body. The lid opens up like a traditional UFR and the operator can access it from the ground or from the bed. The additional UFR are meant to be mounted inside the bed of the body on the floor. These come in different sizes like 14, 24 and 30-inch widths for a variety of options.

The Sage UFR has been one of our standout featured products since the inception of the company. It is valued by all industries as an essential tool to complete clean oil changes. The UFR works by allowing oil filters to hot drain, which ensures the cleanest possible solution for oil changes and filter changes in the field. Nearly every Sage Oil Vac unit has a UFR as part of the standard equipment offering and over the years UFRs have also been incorporated into Sage skid, trailers and now LubeBuilder designs.

For more information about Sage Oil Vac’s LubeBuilder system or Used Filter Receptacle products, visit SageOilVac.com or contact a dealer near you.

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