Jobsite Trends: Firm No-Spill Containment Rules

Apr 25, 2017

We hear all about the hoops our customers jump through to appease their various jobsites, but there’s one restriction that has been gaining momentum in the last two years that has got our attention — no-spill jobsites. Yes, you read that right — construction contractors, building developers and fleet maintenance companies everywhere are turning to Sage Oil Vac because they need a solution to the signed agreements they have with customers stating the jobsite has a zero tolerance for any used oil spills.

“Two of our fleet maintenance customers who specialize in on-site oil changes have expressed that they could be potentially kicked off a site for even the slightest spill of used oil,” said Sage Oil Vac CEO, Aaron Sage. “As you can imagine, this can be very intimidating with class 8 trucks. These are engines that hold 12 gallons of oil each and they have to make sure they get the oil out of the truck without spilling a drop.”

Using Sage Oil Vac equipment systems in conjunction with Femco Drain Plugs allows the operator to connect directly to the engine sump or the engine component that is being drained. This eliminates the intermediate step of draining oil into an open container, not only removing the risk for spills, but cutting out an extra step entirely. Oil will be exchanged directly into the Sage use oil tank and ready for transport to proper disposal.

“With a jobsite close to water, it’s understandable to see that zero tolerance for spills,” Aaron said. “We have customers working with refineries in the Texas Gulf Coast successfully using the Sage and Femco combination. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.”

“It’s not your granddad’s jobsite anymore,” Aaron said. “As companies have become more environmentally conscious, spills will become less tolerable. It’s important to stay a step ahead of the game now and switch to equipment that can meet these needs.”

For more information about Sage Oil Vac equipment systems, contact Sage.

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