A Recycler Cart for Your Dealership

August 30, 2016

Sage Oil Vac antifreeze recovery unitThe 3011-1200 recycler cart has been saving customers time, money and headaches. The recycler cart is often utilized in dealerships and repair shops to vacuum antifreeze from trucks while maintenance and repairs are performed on the engine. With this feature, the recycler cart has the ability to store the vacuumed antifreeze and then put the same antifreeze back into the engine once the repairs or work has been completed.

“We’ve been using the Sage Oil Vac recycler cart since 2014, and all of our technicians rely on it,” said Jay Craighead, Service Manager at Bruckner Mack Volvo, located in Amarillo, Texas. “It’s easy, efficient, clean and it saves our customers money by ensuring reliable reuse of their coolant.”

Find out more about the 3011-1200 recycler cart and procure this win-win product for your business today!