Sage Math — The Numbers Don’t Lie

February 12, 2018

Think of all the things you could do with an extra hour of free time during a workday. Well, the team at Michigan CAT got a preview of what it would feel like to have that extra hour of productivity and profit back in their pocket when they demo’d a new Sage Oil Vac 1C5F-2101 PM Trailer through their Sage Dealer, Southern Truck Equipment.

Michigan CAT is the authorized Caterpillar heavy equipment, truck, power systems and engine dealer for Michigan’s lower peninsula. The company frequently changes oil in power generators and beyond so when they heard about Sage Oil Vac they were ready to give it a try. Check out the comparison below to see the full scope of Michigan CAT’s potential time savings.

Before Sage Oil Vac

Michigan CAT currently starts their oil exchange process by loading two 55-gallon drums of oil into their truck before driving to the generator. The generator, which holds 110 gallons of oil, takes 55 minutes to vacuum the used oil into two empty drums. Then it takes an additional 55 minutes to pump two drums of new oil into the generator. Once this is complete, the operator returns to the shop to dump the used oil into a used oil tank which takes yet another 55 minutes. All in all, the total oil change cycle lasts a total of 165 minutes.

The Difference

According to Michigan CAT, the time comparison when using a Sage system was felt right out of the gate. Before leaving the shop, it took 13 minutes to fill the 1C5F-2100 PM Trailer with two drums of fresh oil. Then it took about 13 minutes to vacuum the used oil from the generator, 30 minutes to refill it with fresh oil and another 13 minutes to discard the used oil when they returned to the shop. The difference from start to finish with their current method was about 96 minutes saved.

Find a local Sage Oil Vac dealer to set up a system demo or to get additional information.