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2x 250 gallon ASME tank



2x 250 gallon ASME tanks, and 1 120 gallon ASME tank



2x gallon ASME tanks, and 1 120 gallon ASME tank



2x 390 gallon ASME tanks, and 2x 120 gallon ASME tanks



Mobile Lube Equipment - Wind Gear Oil Exchange System (GOEX)


What is the Wind Gear Oil Exchange System?


If you are one of the proud few that provide services to wind farms across the world, look to Sage Oil Vac to ease the gear box oil process and purchase a Gear Oil Exchange System. Sage Oil Vac’s patented Gear Oil Exchange, or GOEX, system will help you manage the oil changing procedures for your workforce using a safe, productive, and profitable approach. Sage Oil Vac was the first company to develop a system that will allow you to implement a structured process for changing the oil in your wind turbines. As the wind industry changed and evolved over time, so did Sage Oil Vac’s GOEX System.


Currently, Sage Oil Vac also works closely with oil manufacturers to bring you the latest technology for wind turbine maintenance. Sage Oil Vac strives to keep up with the changing needs and demands of the industry and has a team of specialists that works side by side with maintenance personnel onsite to develop the most innovative processes of changing the oil in the wind turbines. Sage Oil Vac is dedicated to working closely with you, the wind farm specialists, maintenance personnel, and the OEM’s in an effort to provide you with the highest quality performance management tools.


What options does the Wind Gear Oil Exchange System come with?


Sage Oil Vac provides options. These options give you the ability to choose the right tools for the job. The Gear Oil Exchange system is available on a variety of platforms including skids, open trailers, enclosed trailers, enclosed trucks, or offshore containers. Recent improvements made by Sage Oil Vac for the GOEX system include: gearbox flush and/or rinse capabilities, ISO level filtration, and offshore capabilities. Sage Oil Vac’s GOEX system is also capable of heating the oil which allows for increased flow and quicker load times.  All of your options include the company’s standard features; however, Sage Oil Vac can customize any Gear Oil Exchange system to meet the distinctive demands of any wind farm.


The goal of Sage Oil Vac’s presence in your industry is to promote and sell Gear Oil Exchange Systems that allows you, the customer, to benefit from operating a safe and effective piece of equipment. Sage Oil Vac’s products provide you an on-board filtration system that filters any new oil that you want to use to meet the ISO-approved levels with zero-cross contamination. The GOEX System developed by Sage Oil Vac significantly reduces the amount of wear particles in gearboxes.


Why you should purchase a Wind Gear Oil Exchange System.


Studies that were performed by all the major oil companies have continually shown that using the Gear Oil Exchange System will leave just over 0.1% of wear particles compared to 50% wear particles that you would leave in the oil by using a different process other than Sage Oil Vac’s. It has been scientifically proven that you will increase the lifetime of your gearbox with cleaner oil and a greater frequency of oil changes. The Gear Oil Exchange System will provide with you increased productivity, cleaner oil changes, and most importantly, a higher level of safety.


In conjunction with our international dealers in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, and the United States, Sage Oil Vac is able to deliver a high level of support, education, and customer service across the globe. Whether you are the owner of a wind farm or the operations manager of an O&M service provider, you will appreciate the value associated with the purchase of Sage Oil Vac’s Gear Oil Exchange System. Sage Oil Vac looks forward to hearing from you.

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