Preventive maintenance tips to tackle the busy season

Jul 06, 2022

Summer’s longer days bring increased pressure to keep machines running with as little downtime as possible. That means mobile lube systems and proper maintenance are crucial. Uptime directly translates into productivity and, ultimately, your success. And let’s face it, at the end of the day, anything you can do to keep machines running contributes to the bottom line.

Using conventional, mechanical pump-based systems to change oil on the jobsite can be time consuming. Sometimes that extra time paired with the pressure to keep machines running makes delaying preventive maintenance (PM) tempting. But that’s a recipe for downtime and costly repairs. On the other hand, Sage Oil Vac pump-free vacuum technology removes used oil and dispenses fresh oil safely and quickly. It’s so much faster than competing mechanical-pump technologies that you’ll be able to service more units per day.

If you’re on the hunt for the right system to handle a busy summer of PM, start by asking yourself the three questions below. Already have a Sage Oil Vac mobile lube system? Check out our summer maintenance checklist.

3 questions to ask when choosing the right PM system to handle the summer grind


1. Does the system solve or add more challenges to summer PM?

Conventional systems often require a pump for each product tank. The more product tanks required, the more chances for leaks or pump failures. Failing pumps that need to be replaced or rebuilt are typical on conventional lube equipment with diaphragm or air-pump-driven systems. The versatile Sage Oil Vac system has no pumps to maintain, and the simplified plumbing is virtually problem free.

2. Which system features and capabilities make PM more efficient?

For starters, each Sage Oil Vac mobile lube system offers a digital meter to ensure you quickly fill a machine with the proper amount of fluid. Certain meters offer preset functions that allow you to set the amount of oil needed to refill the tank, so no more underfilling or overfilling. For added telematics, the optional NextLube monitor system (available for truck and skid models) allows operators to integrate data while automating fluid control, all through centralized controls from an easy-to-use panel. How do real-time inventory of fluid levels and tank labels tanks sound? Pretty efficient and accurate, if you ask us.

3. Is the system designed with operator safety and cleanliness in mind?

The Sage Oil Vac enclosed, pump-free system protects the technician and the environment, as tanks are not vented into the atmosphere. Clean, sealed tanks prevent contaminants from being introduced into fresh fluids (and mean less spillage on the job). As an added benefit, we offer a variety of optional attachments for our systems that help maintain a clean jobsite.

  • When vacuuming new fluids into a tank, our barrel straw offers a 100% self-contained vacuum process that greatly reduces the chance of spilling fluid on the floor (and yourself).
  • To make the filter draining process easier, a Filter Stinger™ attaches to the used oil hose to suction used oil directly into the used oil tank.
  • Used oil filters can be then transferred to a Used Filter Receptacle™ (UFR), which allows the filters to hot drain, helping ensure the cleanest possible solution for filter changes in the field. No more carrying around sloshing buckets of used fluids.


Your PM Equipment Needs PM Too: Here’s Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

The uptime of your lube equipment itself impacts the number of machines you can service. Your Sage Oil Vac system needs its own PM to handle the PM demands of the busy season. Here’s a handy checklist to help keep your mobile lube equipment systems running smoothly.

Download and print this checklist

Taking a few proactive actions now can keep the equipment running when it matters most. Don’t get caught on the sidelines when the season heats up. Still deciding which system is right for you? Check out our product selector.

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