Sage secret weapons: Accessories that increase mobile oil change efficiency

Sep 07, 2022

You don’t need us to tell you about how mobile lube systems can enhance the productivity of any preventive maintenance. But to make the most out of your investment, there are several add-on options and attachments that can further increase efficiency and reduce contaminants when performing a mobile oil change. Some people will call them accessories, but around here we like to think of these unsung heroes as “secret weapons”.

These enhancements range from actively managing products in the mobile lube tanks to tackling the more difficult parts of the mobile oil change, such as used filter disposal and fluid transfer to and from bulk tanks.

So, let’s break down a few of our favorite “secret weapons” to help you determine which could be a good fit for your operation.

Filter Stinger™

More than just a cool name, the Filter Stinger™ helps simplify preventive maintenance tasks and protect both the technician and environment from potential exposure. The Filter Stinger attaches to the used oil hose, then is used to puncture the oil filter and suction out the used fluid, placing it directly into a used oil tank. Check out this video to see it in action.


Used Filter Receptacle™

The Used Filter Receptacle (UFR)  serves as a trusted sidekick to the Filter Stinger. After the filter is removed it can be placed into a UFR to drain what little fluid is left before being discarded. The UFR provides a secure holding tank for used filters. It connects to a used fluid tank so users can easily vacuum oil collected in the container, providing a secure and leak-proof way to catch remaining fluid that may drain from the discarded filters. For mobile applications, there are several UFR configurations that will match the specific applications. You can choose from top side pack mounted, inside side pack cabinet mounted top open and front door opening UFRs. It’s your UFR, your mobile oil change and your call.

Barrel straw

A key benefit of a mobile lube system, appreciated by every technician in the field, is that it reduces the antiquated practice of manually lifting heavy buckets or jugs when transferring bulk fluids to the equipment. But oil still needs to be transferred from bulk storage to the mobile lube system. Enter the barrel straw. The barrel straw eliminates the need for transfer pumps during bulk oil storage or drum storage transfer. Simply, attach it to the fresh fluid tanks and insert the opposite end in a bulk tank to vacuum fresh fluids into the fluid tank at rates of 10 to 20 gallons per minute. The vacuum process is 100% self-contained within the straw to reduce the chance on any fluid spilling on the ground and your work boots. Words don’t do it justice. Watch it in action.

Bonus: The barrel straw also prevents the fluid’s exposure in open pouring containers. Less handling of new oils translates into less chance of contamination. It is a customer favorite for mobile oil changes.

Oil drain pans

Proper planning also simplifies the oil drain process. Capturing used oil should not be an afterthought. Trying to transfer used oil in a 5-gallon bucket is labor intensive and risks spillage. Sage Oil Vac offers 10- or 17-gallon oil drain pans that quickly connect to all Sage Oil Vac equipment. Used oil can be directly vacuumed through a used oil hose to reduce spillage risk.


Even more options to drive productivity

Every preventive maintenance application has its own unique set of challenges. Location, climate and fleet size are just a few of the variables that impact how you approach a mobile oil change. Mobile lube accessories can often tackle some of the more pressing issues. For instance, heated fluid tanks might simplify the task of a mobile oil change when the temperature drops in the northern climates. Meters can ensure equipment is properly filled when technicians are performing oil changes on several different types of equipment throughout the day and grease kits may be a good option for those who perform more than oil changes.

That’s just scratching the surface. Check out the complete line of accessories from Sage Oil Vac to determine what solutions can best increase your PM productivity.

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