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A Win-Win, Wind Rental Program

To rent or to buy? It’s a question that plagues everyone in their lifetime, but for those in the wind turbine servicing industry options have always been limited. That is, until Sage Oil Vac began its Gear Oil Exchange (GOEX) Rental Program in 2009.

Continued Growth; Continued Quality Customer Service From Sage Oil Vac Dealers

Sage Oil Vac’s success comes from more than its quality equipment — it comes from a quality team, and our team just can’t stop growing. Meet our new dealers.

Service trailers provide Nixon Power Services flexibility and efficiency

We know Sage Oil Vac is a great company with great equipment, but it’s always nice when someone else says it.

A Proud Dealer; A Better Dealer Network

Sage Oil Vac’s dealer network has more than 30 dealers in seven countries. Hear from one dealer about their experience being a part of the network.

A Coolant Recycler Cart for Your Business

The 3011-1200 recycler cart has been saving customers time, money and headaches. See how this win-win product could help your business.


Five years ago Robert Cohen, SOO Foundry President, noticed a problem in the Canadian wind energy market that Sage Oil Vac would later help to fill.

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